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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Kisa pou nou fe? - What must we do?
Eske ou te we...? - Have you seen...?
Eske ou pale angle/franse? - Do you speak English/French?
Ki moun isit ki pale angle? - Who speaks English here?
Ou konprann? - You understand?
Kij an yo rele sa an kreyol? - What do they call that inCreole?
Kij an yo di...an kreyol? - How do they say... in Creole?
Kisa ou bezouen? - What do you need?
Kisa ki rive ou? - What happened to you?
Ki kote li ale? - Where did he go?
Kilaj ou? - How old are you?
Kote ou rete? - Where do you live?
Eske ou gen petit? - Do you have any children?
Kote nou ye? - Where are we?
genyen - to have
chita - to sit
manje - to eat
rete - to stop
kouri - to run
kouche - to lie down
vini - to come
ale/prale - to go
ban - to give
rete trankil - to be quiet
pran - to get, receive
leve - to get up
sede - to give up
touye - to kill
frape - to hit
kache - to hide
konnen - to know
manti - to lie (manti! this can't be true)
gade - to look
koupe - to cut
kwit-manje, fe-manje - to cook
fimen - to smoke
atake - to attack
ban pemi - to authorize
kri - to shout, yell, scream
achte - to buy
fe-apel - to call, name
netwaye - to clean
femen - to close
fose - to coerce, force
fini - to finish
obeyi - to obey
fe - konfyans - to trust
console - to comfort
pati - to leave, depart
mouri - to die
fe-desen - to draw, sketch
bwe - to drink
tonbe - to drop, fall
mete abo - embark, load, board
atoure - to surround
ranfose - to enforce
ou - you, your
mwen - I, me, my, mine
nou - us, our, you (plural)
Ii - him, her, his, hers

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