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Monday, March 26, 2012


Mwen swaf anpil - I'm very thirsty
Nou ta vle manje - We would like to eat
Konbien - How much?/How many?
Poukisa? - Why?
Kote? - Where?
Kisa? - What?
Kile? - When?
Ki moun? - Who?
Kijan? - How?
Kiles? - Which?
Eske gen...? - Is/Are there...?
Eske ou gen...? - Do you have...?
Eske ou ka ede nou, souple? - Can you help us please?
Kote nou ka achte...? - Where can we buy...?
Eske ou ka di mwen...? - Can you tell me...?
montre - show
ban - give
Ki moun ki la? - Who is there?
Kisa ou vle? - What do you want?
Kisa ou ta vle? - What would you like?
Kisa ou ap fe Ia? - What are you doing there?
Kisa sa a ye? - What is that?
Sa k'genyen? - What's the matter?

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